Chris Jones Interview For Welcome Skate Store

Stoked to see these Isle team interviews coming out on the Welcome Skate Store. If you are a fan of good skateboarding and good skate videos, then you MUST be a fan of Chris Jones and his amazing parts in Vase, Spirit Quest and the Atlantic Drift series.

Farran Golding caught up with Chris for a nice little interview that just went live on the Welcome Skate Store site this weekend. Check it out!

Tom Colabraro's Raw Deals Episode #002

Another rad episode of Raw Deals just dropped. Episode #002 features Justin Strubing, Jack Sabback, Joe Tookmanian, Dan Pensyl, Jimmy McDonald, Brian Brown, Justin Barnes, Danny Falla, Jeff Ricker, Joe Brook and more.

Neil Herrick "5B" Part

Neil Herrick has officially made the move from PA to NYC. This remix of VX footage is from his PA days and connects his recent Fairman’s 4, 5Boro, and Meadowlands parts. Featuring guest clips from Jimmy Chung & Mike Maldonado. A big shout out to the Fairman's skate shop crew for holding it down in West Chester over the last forty years!

Busted Mic Remix Track No.1 Robby Kirkland

“Bringing in this "Remix" series with none-other then Robby Kirkland. The most OG in the game still to this day. We complied all of his best footage for this edit and threw it onto a dope BIG L track. Enjoy.” - Filmed & Edited by Stephen Buggica

Soy Panday on the BiggerSpin Podcast

Soy Panday is up at bat on the new BiggerSpin podcast over at Live Skateboard Media. So make sure to give it a listen and enjoy over a cup of pretentious coffee at an outdoor cafe while wearing a beret and nibbling on a baguette.

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