"Insured" by Khyler Garrison For Emage

Our friends over at Emage Skate Shop in Denver, Colorado have a new video out that is choc full of all kinds of radness. And not only is the video maker, Khyler Garrison, only 17 yrs old but he also is one of most rippingist skaters in the whole video. Amazing……is “rippingist” a word? Who cares, click below and enjoy “Insured”.

Sofa Speed From Wash DC

A new video short just popped up from some of our friends down in the D.C. area: Sofa Speed. This video is shot and edited by Elijah Gordon and showcases riders from from the likes of Bureau Skateshop and Carpet Company. Featuring skating from Tom Alexander, Bryce Church, Patrick Judy, Idris Battou, Abe Dubin, Yoon Sun David Shin, Dan Johnson, Rashad Murray, & Dylan Hatfield. This video is a prelude to the upcoming skate film Bottleneck, a full length sequel to the 2018 video The Heritage by Nnamdi Ihekwoaba. 

Bottleneck will be premiering soon in the D.C. area. Look out for further announcements on the premiere and other upcoming independent skateboard productions.

Tu Pode Video "Duvidas" Online

Our friends down in Brazil have a rad little independent brand called Tu Pode. They recently launched their first full length video online so we wanted to help get it out there a little more. Check the post below to see what these guys have been making happen in the sweltering humidity.

Static Alumni Section from Static IV

After realizing it was the FIVE YEAR anniversary of Static IV we decided to start making sure that every section from the video was eventually available to watch on our Youtube channel. So we loaded up the Static alumni section from Static IV, featuring nearly the entire cast of every Static video over the past 20 years. Have a lil gander to pick you up on this sweltering Monday afternoon.

Mt. Royal by Ben LaChance

The boys up in Canada have a new 10 minute project that is definitely worth your time. “Mt Royal” featuring a gaggle of shredders including Sam Boyer, Charles Deschamps, Frank Nadon, William Phelan, Gab Veniot, Etienne Dumais, Felix Patry, Hugo Papillon, Joey Larock, Marco Pelletier, Taryn Ward, Seb Carranza, Quentin Joly, Nico Wawrzyniak and Vince Cormier.

Peep below and get stoked

A Visual Sound: Episode 1 w/ Josh Stewart

Our friend overseas, Farran Golding, has done some rad articles off and on for different mags and websites in the UK. But he just started a new project for Speedway Mag called “A Visual Sound” and our own Josh Stewart got to be the guinea pig for the very first episode. So click below to have a gander!

NTSC Episode 1 by Remi Luciani

Remi Luciani and friends from France are back at it with a new project. Remi tracked down an NTSC VX and they’re starting to produce their own new series entitled “NTSC”. So dive in for episode one and check in with a rad little underground street scene from across the pond.