“I’ll be honest, I was up all night on drugs before I did it. Fuck, the only reason I was even out there so early was because I’d gone out to buy more drugs and ended up buying crack. That morning was the first time I ever smoked crack. Straight up. So, obviously, I’m not in my right mind… let’s go to Love Park!” The Chrome Gall Incident is, hands down, one of the best interviews I’ve read in ages.

Krooked’s Mermaid is part tour video, part footage dump, part montage… whatever you want to call it, we got another Bobby Worrest part out of it, so I’m happy.

There’s a grip of Hiroki Muraoka and Shin Sanbongi footage in “Head Count,” a sort of unofficial Adidas clip focusing on China.

Jenkem went behind the scenes of Carpet Company with founders Ayman and Osama Abdeldayem. There aren’t many brands with the penchant for detail these brothers have, and we’re looking forward to seeing what they debut next.

WKND and State made a shoe together, Christian Maalouf did a huge kickflip, and we’re left wondering if velcro shoes will ever catch on.

Swanson aficionado Dom Henry is the latest guest on The Bunt, and his part in Quentin Guthrie’s NEXT was just uploaded as a stand-alone. It’s worth the revisit.

A bunch of footage of a dude from one city, named after another, skating a third city.

Some stray Matt Finley footage that never found a proper home.

Rust Belt Trap is a new video from Jake Baldini with parts from Jerry Mraz (!), Matt Anderson, and Jake Baldini. Premieres tomorrow at 9:00 PM at 647 Grand Street. See you there. 

Photo of Olly Todd lifted from @scienceversuslife.