Rust Belt

We know you’re not checking out this week’s roundup before peeping Riley Vaughn’s part from Grains II. Midwest skateboarding at its finest.

DC seemed to be a hot travel locale this past summer. Stingwater spent a weekend there, operating under one stipulation: no Pulaski.

Loophole Wheels dropped a Japan tour video, filmed by Zachary Chamberlin and featuring Connor Kammerer, Hiroki, Glen Fox, Ryan Barlow, and a grip of other dudes we know you’ll be into. Honorable mention goes to Chris Athans, who just got a well-deserved pro nod from Northern Co.

Delving into rehab, comebacks, Pell Grants, and switch hardflips with Pat Burke.

Dylan Hughes exudes some serious Chewy Cannon-esque energy in his Today Now part.

Always been a big fan of the Pittsburgh scene and spots. Here’s a new one from the area by John Petras featuring a little bit of Nick Panza footage.

Vintage Ricky Oyola on the home page lifted from @trafficskateboards