Dustin Eggeling is Pro For Hopps

Dustin Eggeling has been around the block in the underground scene for some time now. With a host of video parts in the Tampa videos by Stephen Buggica and the Shaqueefa crew, to being featured in a bunch of Hopps pieces and Deep Dish videos, to his strong, smooth part in Static IV, you’d be surprised to find out that he’s never actually had a full part for Hopps. So when Jahmal and the crew decided to get Dustin elevated to the pro ranks Dustin set out to start working on a new part and the result includes footage from almost 10 cities from around the US through the work of a long list of rad filmers helping out along the way.

We are more than stoked to present to you a full part by yet another amazing export from Tampa, Florida and one of every NY skater’s favorite people, Dustin Eggeling. Click below and enjoy “Shady Blues” by Dustin and the Hopps crew!