"Fingerprints Of The Gods" By Graham Hancock

“Fingerprints of The Gods” by Graham Hancock should be a staple of anybody fascinated by alternative theories of history and the true beginnings of mankind. The UK’s Graham Hancock has become a real life Indiana Jones in his quest for the lost secrets of human history. Instead of writing from a dusty office or the confines of a desk, Graham spends years flying from 5,000 yr old pyramids in Cairo to the desert Nazca lines of Chile and gives you first hand accounts of his investigations and experiences. As a result, he presents you with information that most universities and celebrated scholars are afraid to touch or even consider. Because what Hancock presents in “Fingerprints” is so challenging to the current timeline of human civilization that all history books would have to be rewritten and mainstream history, archaeology and anthropology would all be turned upside down.

This book is a must read for anybody interested in the secrets of history. It is a building block for a whole new view of mankind’s evolution and an exciting read that will keep you glued better than any Hollywood blockbuster. And it is pretty damned good evidence that the theory of Atlantis is far more than a myth or legend.