"Dark Mission" By Richard C. Hoagland

Dudes....this book is frizzling the nerves and receptors of my brain at a comet's pace! I can't even BEGIN to explain the insanity I'm discovering with the turn of each page. Apparently, NASA has from it's very beginnings been controlled and manipulated for occult and esoteric purposes. As insane as a claim as it might seem, the evidence is overwhelming. Countless missions to the moon and Mars have been planned to the most intricate detail to occur during key celestial alignments of important constellations that fall immediately over the landing sites and launch points of each vehicle. I'll fill you in more in the comments section later.
This book goes into SO many different areas that it’s impossible to summarize the whole thing for you. But, basically, the author worked for NASA during the Apollo program. When we landed on the moon, he was there rooting for NASA and working as NASA’s correspondent to NBC. But when NASA started getting it’s first images of the surface of Mars is when he had his falling out. He, along with other NASA scientists, were very vocal about some images that demonstrated some very unnatural geometrically shaped formations on the surface of Mars in the “Cydonia” regoin. When they pushed to investigate further they were ostracized by the rest of the administration.
As time goes on he his partners go on to discover a pattern in these “structures”. Geometric and trigonemetric consistencies that demonstrate fundamental principles of what our modern understanding of physics is based upon. And then this discovery is then applied by he and his team to make predictions as to what NASA will find on future missions to Saturn, Neptune, etc and thein they end up actually being DEAD on!
One discovery after another leads him down the path of an Indiana Jones-like adventure until he eventually stumbles onto a pattern in the important landings and take-offs of the several different moon missions of the Apollo program. At the exact minute of these important historical occurences, the constellations that are held as the pinnacle of the Egyptian relligion rested at very significant positions in the sky above the landing spots/take-off points.  Not, once, not twice, but multiple times this occurred like clockwork. And when I moon landing was scheduled to land at a time in which these constellations WOULDN’T fall in their pre-ordained positions, the mission would experience “technical difficulties” and would be held in orbit until the problem was “fixed” and the lander would then touch ground perfectly on time for the constellation to be right where it needed to be.
Then, as his research brings him deeper he starts to investigate the major players in the space program and overturns a long line of Scottish Rite Freemasons, Nazi Germany former SS officers and followers of Aleiter Crowley’s “magick” cults. As bizarre as it all sounds, the one consistent theme tying all of these people together is their reverence for the ancient Egyptian celestial gods Isis, Horus and Osiris. And once that is recognized the NASA playbook reads like a connect-the-dot book in which every major event or decision seems based around the significant numbers, constellations or “gods” of ancient Egyptian religion or of Freemasonic importance.
It’s a difficult read at times, but this book ties in so many connected stories of the 20th century that it could help even the least up-to-date reader get aquainted with the true nature of the forces working behind the scenes of our society.