"Unmarketable" By Anne Elizabeth Moore

“Unmarketable” is a brilliantly compiled piece of work by author Anne Elizabeth Moore. Anne Moore has captured something in this book that I’ve been whining about for a decade but been unable to describe in my own words. Essentially, what Anne attempts to do in “Unmarketable” and pretty much nails is to catalogue the covert practices and marketing strategies of corporate brands attempting to leech off of the integrity and respect of the last few cultures left that have any integrity at all. By using the punk scene, DIY culture and skateboarding as case studies, Moore uncovers the sneaky techniques of corporate brands attempting to get access to counter cultures that were thought for decades to be inaccessible. You’ll be surprised to see how close Anne gets in her study of skateboarding and the attempts corporations have made to get their brand through the gates of what has notoriously been an untouchable culture.
I highly recommend this book to any fan of the underground ideals of skateboarding. Or to anyone who fears the power and unchecked growth of corporations and their influence in even the most underground cultures This book is proof positive that nothing is sacred when it comes to corporate marketing.